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Florida is a pennisula extending farther south than any other continental state. Geographically it is the most southern state, socially and politically it is also a Southern state, well south of the Mason-Dixon line. Florida got its statehood in March of 1845, but a short time later in 1861, Florida seceded from the United States. On January 10th, 1861, Florida became the third state to secede from the Union. For a short period, Florida actually existed as an independent nation until it was admitted to the Confederate States of America. While the honor of firing the South's first shot in the so-called "Civil War" goes to Fort Sumter, South Carolina, [April 12,1861], Florida gets the credit for firing the second shot which opened the THE WAR FOR SOUTHERN INDEPENDENCE. Florida's honor came on October 9, 1861, when 5000 Southern troops stormed the United States defensive works on Santa Rosa Island.

Floridia raised numerous regiments for Confederate service and its troops fought in almost all of the major battles of the Great War. The State also furnished many famous Confederate Generals to the cause, some of whom had previously served in the United States Army. Florida's reason for joining the Confederacy were many, but like all other Southern states, it mainly had to do with "States Rights" and the "right to secession in accordance with the Constitution." Of course Northern spin-masters, and out-right liars, in an attempt to spread damaging propaganda about the South's true heritage, always single out slavery as the only cause for secession, which of course, ignores the real issues of State's Rights. Basically, secession was caused by many of the same reasons that many present day citizens, including Northerners, have found such distrust and dissatisfaction with the Federal government.

While most Civil War battles in Florida were small, the Battle of Olustee is considered the State's most major engagement, which resulted in a Confederate victory. Florida as a Southern State holds a distinct honor; its capital, Tallahassee, is one of only two Confederate States capitals not captured by Union forces during the War for Southern Freedom. The other was Austin, Texas.

Real Floridians still have strong feelings in regards to Florida being a Southern, and former Confederate State. We believe that the song "Dixie" is a symbol of our heritage, that it represents the heritages of all Genuine Floridians, of ALL RACES And Creeds, [a fact which probably shocks most Northerners]. The proper protocol is to stand and remove one's hat whenever Dixie is played. To do otherwise is disrespectful and would be a sure sign that one is not a true Floridian or a Southerner. The Confederate flag still flys over Florida as one of the five flags under which Florida has been governed. It proudly waved from one of five staffs in front of our State Capital until recently, when Governor JEB Bush [a transplant without any Florida roots ] had it removed so it would not "offend" anyone. Although nothing was said about the U.S.Flag under which slavery was instituted and segregation was carried out until recent times. The removal of our heritage colors is proof that Unionist propaganda still flouishes today. Of all the cultures making up America, only the Southern people are denied their rightful heritage. But, there should be no doubt, The Real Florida is still a Southern State and its true heart is still beating loudly in Dixieland.


The 1st Florida Infantry Regiment

The 2nd Florida Infantry Regiment

The 3rd Florida Infantry Regiment

The 4th Florida Infantry Regiment

The 5th Florida Infantry Regiment

The 6th Florida Infantry Regiment

The 7th Florida Infantry Regiment

The 8th Florida Infantry Regiment

The 9th Florida Infantry Regiment

The 10th Florida Infantry Regiment

The 11th Florida Infantry Regiment

The 1st Florida Cavalry Regiment

The 2nd Florida Cavalry Regiment

The Florida 1st Special Cavalry Battalion

The 3rd Florida Cavalry Battalion

The 5th Florida Cavalry Battalion

The Florida Marianna Dragoons Cavalry Company

The Murphy's Cavalry Battalion

The Pickett's Cavalry Company

The Florida 1st Special Infantry Battalion

The Florida 1st Consolidated Infantry Regiment

The Florida Campbellton Boys Infantry Company

The Miller's Infantry Battalion

The Florida 4th Infantry Battalion

The Florida 6th Infantry Battalion

The Florida Coast Guard Artillery

The Grayson Florida Artillery

The Kilcrease Florida Artillery

The Florida Leon Artillery

The Florida Marion Artillery

The Florida Milton Light Artillery Batteries

The Florida Robertson's Battery

Captain Dent's Artillery Battery

Captain Dyke's Light Artillery

The Morton Confederates

Confederate States Engineering Dept. of Florida

CSA Commissary Department of Florida

CSA Ordinance Department of Florida

CSA Quartermaster Dept. of Florida

CSA Medical Department of Florida

.........And an estimated 75 volunteer Florida Home Guard Units

The 1st Florida Reserves