Model 1034 Listing price $2,453.19
Manufactured by The Bergershier Music and Wheelbarrow Company
Height 5'
Length 7'
Width 3'
Weight 1,053 lb (850 lbs. without the yattel)
Made of wood, brass with copper bumpers, and tempered glass windshield.

Model 1035A Listing price $3,657.35
Manufactured by Vostervik Steamhammer Corp.
Height 5' 3"
Length 8'
Width 3'
Weight 972 lb
Made of wood, brass, and glass chin chummer. Model 1035B is same as the Model 1035A but has an attached hacking device. (Note: Some players remove the hacking device to increase reverberation).

Model 1036 Listing price $4,177.75
Manufactured by Patterson-Kinlaw Machine Company.
Height 4' 5"
Length 6'
Width 3.5'
Weight 653 lb
Made of plastic and rubber with battery operated lights. This model has no yattel or chin chummer. (Note: The 1989 version has a digital fog screen).

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